Customised Training

Every organisation is unique. Caraniche recognises this and as a result, delivers customised training according to your organisations specific needs.

Investing in the professional development of your staff provides both short and long-term benefits. In the short-term, skill gaps are promptly addressed and workplace knowledge is kept up to date. In the long term, employees feel more valued and therefore stay longer in your organisation - saving time and money from hiring new staff. The knowledge gained from training can also be shared internally, which promotes further learning. These combine to greatly improve workplace productivity.

Employees are the drivers of workplace culture and performance and are often deemed the most valuable asset of an organisation. Investing in professional development assists in keeping your employees motivated and delivering to their optimum level, which in turn drives your organisations performance.      

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Why should you invest in your Staff?
Research tells us that employees are seeking more than just a secure income. Rather, they enjoy roles that allow them to continually learn new skills and acquire knowledge, all of which contribute to a successful career.  By giving employees opportunities to upskill, you are more likely to attract and retain quality staff. 

Key Benefits from Training your Workforce include:

·         Addressing weaknesses/acquiring knowledge
·         Improved employee performance
·         Adding flexibility to your employees capabilities
·         Increasing employee satisfaction
·         Increases staff retention/sense of loyalty

Some of our more popular customised training programs are developed around the following topics:

·         Optimising Performance: Strategies for New Managers
·         Managing Challenging Behaviours & Conflict in the Workplace
·         Introduction to Clinical Supervision
·         Next Steps in Supervision - moving beyond foundation skills
·         Supporting &Leading Teams through times of Stress & Crises
·         Team Development
·         Advanced Supervision Skills
·         Case Notes, Documentation &Privacy
·         Managing Challenging Behaviours (for admin staff)
·         Managing Difficult Telephone Calls
·         Working with Forensic & Anti-Social Clients
·         Counselling Skills
·         Attachment & Bonding
·         Psychological First Aid
·         Maintaining Boundaries
·         Vicarious Traumatisation

To discuss our Customised Training programs, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

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