Customised Training

Every organisation is unique. Caraniche recognises this and as a result, delivers customised training according to your organisations specific needs.

Investing in the professional development of your staff provides both short and long-term benefits. In the short-term, skill gaps are promptly addressed and workplace knowledge is kept up to date. In the long term, employees feel more valued and therefore stay longer in your organisation - saving time and money from hiring new staff. The knowledge gained from training can also be shared internally, which promotes further learning. These combine to greatly improve workplace productivity.

Employees are the drivers of workplace culture and performance and are often deemed the most valuable asset of an organisation. Investing in professional development assists in keeping your employees motivated and delivering to their optimum level, which in turn drives your organisations performance.      

Training topics

Spanning the entire spectrum of workplace health and wellness, we deliver one-hour seminars through to internationally accredited certificates. All of our training can be tailored to your organisational needs. View our range of training topics via the Caraniche at Work Training Page.

You can also view current Caraniche events via Eventbrite.


DHHS-funded workplace training

Caraniche delivers a number of free, state-wide training programs on behalf of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

Current DHHS-funded training programs include: 


  • Ice Training for Frontline Workers
  • Forensic training for individuals working in the Alcohol and Other Drug sector
  • Youth Forensic training for individuals working in the Alcohol and Other Drug sector


To discuss our Customised Training programs or enquire about DHHS-funded training, please get in touch: 

Phone:         (03) 8417 0500