Individual Clinical Supervision

Supervision is a confidential process of reflection, education and support that is utilised by our psychologists, social workers, allied health care workers, managers and other staff in human services delivery programs.

Supervision has three broad objectives:

·        To meet agency or regulatory needs (such as registration bodies)

·        To assist in the professional development of the worker or clinician

·        To protect and assist the growth of the client/customer population.

Many health care workers find on-going supervision an ethical and professional necessity, whilst others may use supervision on a specific needs basis, in response to a particular issue or dilemma.

Caraniche has a number of senior psychologists registered as Supervisors with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Group Supervision 

Caraniche can provide group supervision to support the professional development of health and welfare sector staff.

This may be:

·        As an extension of previous training

·        For specific purposes

·        Relating to selected assessment protocols

·        Following specific changes to agency or regulatory requirements.