Understanding Aboriginal Culture

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The Caraniche Board and Senior Leadership Team have identified Aboriginal cultural issues as a strategic priority for our organisation. We have a number of initiatives already underway in this area including working towards our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), and also recognise that we have a lot more work to do, and a responsibility and the potential to have a positive influence and make a difference.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are significantly overrepresented in the justice system; in 2018 the rate of imprisonment was 12 times higher for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Rates of depression, substance use, and suicide are high amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. In the spirit of reconciliation and self-determination, Caraniche seeks to support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and partner organisations in this space, as they lead the way towards healing and recovery.

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    Koorie AOD Program

    Following discussions with Justice Health about the need for a drug and alcohol program for Aboriginal men, a Koorie-specific AOD pilot program was developed by Caraniche and commissioned by Justice Health. Read more here.

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    Caraniche’s Senior Aboriginal Cultural Consultant

    Uncle Ron Briggs is Caraniche’s Senior Aboriginal Cultural Consultant. Uncle Ron’s role at Caraniche includes cofacilitation of the Koori program at Loddon and Marngoneet, as well as Chairing the Aboriginal Reference Group. Read more about Uncle Ron here.

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    Mirring-ian Day

    Mirring-ian day was a cultural day held for all staff to recognise and acknowledge the importance of Aboriginal cultural awareness within our organisation. The day was a sharing of stories from our Aboriginal guest speakers and our own staff. Read more here.

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    Caraniche’s Aboriginal Reference Group

    Chaired by Caraniche’s Senior Aboriginal Cultural Consultant Uncle Ron Briggs, the Caraniche Aboriginal Reference Group (ARG) leads and evaluates Aboriginal cultural policies, guidelines and initiatives for our organisation. Read more here.