Mirring-ian Day

Mirring ian Day Banner

Mirring-ian, which means “hear – understand” is from the Woiwurrung language.

Mirring-ian day was a cultural day held for all staff to recognise and acknowledge the importance of Aboriginal cultural awareness within our organisation. The day was a sharing of stories from our Aboriginal guest speakers and our own staff and featured a number of Aboriginal client stories and cultural activities. 


It was a day of enhancing our knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal history, culture and contemporary issues, to help lead to the development of positive and culturally sensitive intercultural exchange. It introduced the various initiatives we are already undertaking as an organisation in this space, as well as the work still ahead for us. 


We came together as an organisation to hear and further understand:

  • Truth about Aboriginal history and ways of moving forward
  • Why understanding the history and ongoing adversity of Aboriginal people is central to our work
  • The importance of building collaborative and unifying relationships with Aboriginal clients, communities and organisations
  • To recognise the work we have done so far. We are early in our journey, and there is important work still ahead of us
  • We are building a vision for where we are headed, and we need to keep listening and learning and working together