KickStart Participant Feedback

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The following are quotes from our past program attendees, taken directly from our feedback forms. To protect their privacy we have removed attendee names.


Participant feedback:

“I have calmed down and taken time to stop, relax and rethink before acting.”

“[I’ve seen] a change in my emotions. I can really take time to actually see what I’m really

feeling. Usually I wouldn’t care.”

“I am more confident in myself knowing that I don’t need drugs to live a happy life.”

“It made me realise that I am worth something.”

“I think a lot more about my drug use and I question it more critically, and apply what I’ve learnt in this program to my life.”

“I had only wanted to complete this program to comply with my order in the beginning. I didn’t want the program to end by the completion stage of it.”

“I’ve become close to my family. I’ve got new friends who don’t use alcohol or drugs.”

"My partner and I get along very well, I’m sober all the time.”

“I have reduced my cannabis use to an amount that makes my life easier, which I haven’t been

able to do for many years of trying.”

“It increased my motivation to stay off drugs. I learnt about the affects it can have on you, health and your family.”