Post-Graduate Program

Caraniche has a highly regarded Student Placement Program, dedicated to the professional learning and development of post-graduate students seeking a career in forensic, clinical, community or counselling psychology.

The program is unique in its capacity to offer a placement experience with a wide range of presenting issues and challenging clinical work with complex client groups. 

Caraniche placements require a level of competence and ability to work with a challenging and sometimes hostile offending population, thus certain students are more suited to this experience. It is recommended that before applying, you discuss your suitability and placement requirements with your University or Institution to ensure a placement at Caraniche would fit with your learning and development needs.

The Caraniche Post-Graduate Program generally offers unpaid placement opportunities, where the student gains clinical experience with a complex client population alongside receiving high quality supervision in order to develop solid foundational clinical skills. If a post-graduate student wishes to apply for a paid placement, they can apply via our employment pathway, see “Other opportunities for students” below.

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Ongoing employment opportunities

Many students who complete a placement with Caraniche go on to join our team as permanent employees.


What our students have to say

“Completing a placement at Caraniche was a huge step towards obtaining my Masters in Clinical Psychology. The staff and supervisors at Caraniche were both encouraging and supportive of my learning and clinical development.

“The company went above and beyond in terms of providing opportunities for me to meet the requirements of the Masters program. I feel enormously appreciative to have been given the opportunity to complete a placement at Caraniche, in addition to having been offered a permanent position with the company upon completing my Masters."

- Former Placement Program student and current Caraniche employee.

"Staff are welcoming, supportive and happy to answer any questions I have.  I have the opportunity to see clients who present with a diverse array of problems and interpersonal styles, which has challenged me to further develop my skills in formulation and delivery of therapeutic support."

-  Former Placement Program student.


Placement opportunities

The following placement opportunities are available for Masters, Doctoral and 5+1 Psychology students. 


Community Alcohol & Other Drug Services

  • Abbotsford Head Office, Epping Office

    • Short to medium-term drug and alcohol intervention for voluntary community members and mandated clients on Correctional Orders
    • Individual counselling designed to address drug and alcohol use as its underlying causes (dual diagnosis approach)


Adult Prison System

Metropolitan and regional locations

  • Working within male and female prison locations, minimum to maximum security
  • Psychometric assessment and report writing
  • Facilitating a range of group programs from psychoeducational to therapeutic
  • Providing individual counselling and brief intervention


Youth Justice

Metropolitan and regional locations in custody and community settings

  • Psychological assessment of children and young people’s treatment needs
  • Planning and delivering individual interventions based on clinical assessments
  • Co-facilitation of psychoeducation groups
  • Contributing to transition and discharge planning
  • Multi-disciplinary case conferencing


How to apply

Contact our People & Capability team if you would like further information and to apply:


Other opportunities for students

Caraniche also offers permanent or casual employment opportunities for students. These opportunities are available in a variety of settings with a broad range of clients and include both individual and group based interventions as well as research projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about working at Caraniche, please visit our jobs page.