Other Counselling

Individual Counselling 

Caraniche has more than 40 psychologists and allied health care professionals with a large range of expertise. Our intake and assessment process will ensure that you are matched to an available provider whose expertise is most closely suited to your current needs.

Our clinicians utilise a range of modalities including Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), Family Therapy, humanistic counselling, systems theory, Gestalt, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Our individually tailored counselling and therapy covers a range of issues including:

Personal Issues

· Depression

· Self-esteem issues

· Careers

· Abuse

· Personal development

· Anger Management

· Trauma recovery

· Drug and alcohol/substance use

· Addictive behaviours

· Grief and loss

· Sexuality

· Depression

· Somatization

· Anxiety

· Phobias

· Work Cover/TAC/Rehabilitation

· Gambling

· Internet abuse


Family and Relationship Issues:

· Couples/Relationships/Marriage

· Self esteem issues

· Parenting

· Family therapy

· Child and adolescent problems

· Domestic violence


Child & Adolescent Services


Caraniche has a specialist team with expertise in working with children and adolescents.

We provide counselling to children and adolescents who present with emotional and mental health issues and developmental disorders. Problems may include:

· Anger, tantrums and conduct disorder

· Difficulties in peer relationships

· Changes in academic performance

· Anger management

· Trauma recovery

· Drug and alcohol use

· Addictive behaviours

· Mood fluctuations

· Depression

· Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder

· Substance misuse

· Sexuality and gender identity

· Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

· Anxiety and depression


Relationships & Family Therapy


In addition Caraniche can facilitate cognitive and psychological assessments for children and adolescents to assess intellectual functioning, academic strengths and weaknesses and learning styles.

Family Therapy recognises that problems that impact upon an individual may also affect a partner, children, siblings, or the extended family. Furthermore, the causes of such problems may lie in how the family is communicating.  In these instances it can be helpful to bring the whole or part of the family together as part of the counselling process.


Family therapy may also assist in improving communication during times of transition, 'blending' families, or following a traumatic or other significant event.


Medicare Counselling

Medicare now provides partial rebates for up to 10 sessions for patients who have been referred by their GP to our psychologists for assistance with a mental health issue.

Their GP is required to have completed a Mental Health Care Plan (MBS item number 80110) before a patient may be eligible for any Medicare Rebates.

For further details, please contact our intake team or visit www.psychology.org.au