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The following are recent quotes from our past program attendees, taken directly from our feedback forms. To protect their privacy we have removed attendee names.


Participant feedback:

“Every part of the program was helpful.”

“The program facilitator was very professional, great to deal with.”

“The program presenter was excellent.”

“To be honest it was all helpful information, and good to be able to relate to other people.”

“The whole program was great.”

“Well conducted course with great facilitators. Thank you.”

“Hearing others’ stories really opened my eyes.”

“The presenter was calm and great with the group.”

“Thanks a lot, I enjoyed the program.”

“This was a very productive and educational course.”

“The session was very helpful.”

“Great program.”

“Thanks for the program it was helpful.”

“The presenter was very engaging, made the 5 hours not so bad.”

“Thank you. Course was great!”

“I fully enjoyed myself and will take away a lot of lessons on life behaviour from today.”

“Excellent course. Thank you.”