Justice & Correctional Services

Established in Melbourne in 1993, Caraniche commenced its operations as a specialist forensic psychology company, delivering alcohol and other drug (AoD) treatment programs through the Department of Justice.

Our approach to the delivery of treatment programs was new, innovative, and ahead of its time, and consequently, our service delivery was expanded rapidly across seven of Victoria’s public prisons.  In recognition of our unique expertise and high quality service delivery, Caraniche has successfully retained, through re-tender, its Department of Justice work.

We continue to be at the forefront of assessment, treatment, service development and research within the Victorian forensic system. We provide a range of forensic services, including community-based treatment for offenders, assessment, and pre-sentencing services.


Court Assessments

Caraniche are experienced specialisists in forensic and psychological report writing and our forensic clinicians have experience in providing expert witness testimony.

In addition Caraniche psychologists can undertake psychological and cognitive functioning assessments for the purposes of IQ testing, careers guidance, and mental health wellbeing. 


Managing Methamphetamines

Innovations in the Victorian Prison System

Over the last five years, there has been an increase in methamphetamine (most commonly ice) as the most significant problem drug identified by male and female prisoners in Victoria. 

Caraniche has played an active role in developing a number of new programs to support an effective, well-informed and evidence-based response to the issue of ice.

These programs were developed in consultation with Justice Health. 

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For more information on these programs, contact the Forensic Services Prisons Contract Manager: lhayne@caraniche.com.au