Prison Based Services

Caraniche provides evidence-based alcohol and other drug treatment services to over 6000 prisoners each year across 13 locations within the Victorian prison system. These services are delivered by our team of psychologists and social workers.

Our comprehensive assessment process identifies an offender’s treatment readiness, collects information about their risk of re-offending, determines the appropriate level of treatment, and directs them into the most suitable treatment program. These programs are divided into five levels of treatment ranging from information provision and harm reduction programs through to high intensity treatment programs.

Caraniche programs offered within the prison system across all five levels of treatment programming include:

· Drug and Alcohol and Criminogenic assessments

· Prison Related Harm Reduction and Adjustment to Prison programs

· Prison Based 40-hour closed Drug Treatment Program

· On-going 40-hour open Drug Treatment Program

· Intensive 130-hour Drug and Alcohol Treatment program with Criminogenic focus

· Psycho-educational 24-hour psychological and substance abuse programs

· Release Related Harm Reduction program and exit planning

· Individual counselling and pre-release counselling

· Prisoner Peer Programs


Women’s Programs

Caraniche continues its long history as a treatment provider of services specifically tailored to the unique needs and settings of the women's prison system. Caraniche offers both psychological and drug and alcohol treatment services to female prisoners.

Caraniche prides itself on responding to the needs of the women's prison population, and to adapting to changing factors such as varying sentence length, prisoner demographics and fluctuating muster numbers. With services tailored to this system, Caraniche provides effective moderate and long-term intervention based on best practice models.


Ice Programs for Prisoners 

In response to an increase in methamphetamine (most commonly referred to as ice) as the most significant problem drug identified by Victorian prisoners, two pilot programs were launched by the Minister for Corrections, Wade Noonan, on 24 August 2015. Following the pilot, these ice programs were formally incorporated into the prison treatment model.

Click here for a summary of the Caraniche Ice Programs for Prisoners.


Prison Locations

Caraniche provides evidence based alcohol and other drug treatment services to both male and female prisoners at the following locations

· Barwon

· Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

· Hopkins Correctional Centre

· Loddon

· Middleton

· Melbourne Assessment Prison

· Tarrengower

· Beechworth 

· Dhurringile

· Langi Kal Kal

· Marngoneet

· Karreenga

· Metropolitan Remand Centre




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