Youth Services

Caraniche is the provider of psychological rehabilitation services to the youth justice sector, on behalf of the Department of Justice & Regulation (DJR).

Caraniche provides services to young people aged 10 to 21 years in both community and at the Parkville and Malmsbury youth justice precincts. Services include psychological assessment, a range of psychoeducation and criminogenic group programs and individual intervention to address the issues and behaviours that bring young people into the criminal justice system. Caraniche clinicians use a trauma informed philosophy and holistic approach to assessment and treatment based on validated risk assessment and evidence based intervention.

Clinicians work in collaboration with the young person and their support systems to assist them to work towards a pro social lifestyle and decrease their likelihood of reoffending.



Young people will undertake an assessment with a Caraniche clinician to identify their offence specific and related treatment needs using the Risk, Needs, Responsivity (RNR) framework. Recommendations are then made about the most appropriate treatment intervention and modality to meet treatment targets.



Psychoeducation Programs

The aim of these programs is to introduce young people to treatment, build rapport and provide psychoeducation regarding relevant topics. This often assists in engagement with the service and encourages young people to undertake further treatment related to their offending behaviour once their court matters have been finalised. The psychoeducation program suite consists of the following:

  • Know your stuff – Alcohol and Drug psychoeducational program – A brief psychoeducational program regarding substances and substance use.
  • Cool Heads – Emotion regulation program – A program designed to introduce young people to concepts relating to emotion regulation.
  • Are you talking to me? – Communication Skills Program – This program looks at different communication styles and provides psychoeducation regarding alternative forms of communication.
  • Parenting program – Offence Related Treatment - This program looks at different parenting styles and provides psychoeducation regarding the relationship between parents and children. The aim is to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma.


Criminogenic Programs

  • Male Adolescent Program for Positive Sexuality (MAPPS) (Drop Down Description)– This is a group program aimed at addressing the offence specific treatment needs of young people who have committed sexual offences.
  • Adolescent Violence Intervention Program (AVIP) (Drop Down Description) - A modularised group program for young people on a Youth Justice order whose offending is of a violent nature.

Caraniche clinicians also complete offence specific individual treatment with clients where a treatment need has been identified. This may be in place of or in addition to group based programs.