VicRoads Safe Driving Program

Victorian drivers and riders, who commit certain driving offences, may receive a court order requiring them to complete a VicRoads Safe Driving Program.

The Safe Driving Program is a program approved by VicRoads under the Road Safety Act 1986. Caraniche is one of a number of providers approved by VicRoads to deliver this program.


To make a booking, head to the Caraniche TryBooking page.


Program aims

This course is designed to reduce the likelihood of offenders engaging in illegal, dangerous driving behaviour in the future. The program achieves this by assisting you to:

  • Understand the issues surrounding high risk driving/riding;
  • Review what drives people to engage in high risk driving/riding;
  • Develop alternatives to high risk driving/riding;
  • Reduce the likelihood of being involved in a crash and potentially causing harm to yourself and/or others; and
  • Help you avoid future vehicle impoundment, vehicle seizure, license suspension or licence cancellation.


Location and punctuality

The program is run at 763 High St, Epping and 1/260 Hoddle St, Abbotsford. 

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the program for a final registration check, and to fill out a questionnaire prior to starting the session. All information shared with Caraniche will be given to VicRoads and remain confidential.

Participants that have any special requirements e.g. travelling extended distances should contact the Caraniche Safe Driving team know by calling the Caraniche office.

It is essential that participants are present for the entire program to ensure all content is covered and so that you can be approved as having completed the course. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late or you need to leave early, or return late from a scheduled break, you will need to rebook the course and attend on another day.


Behaviour in the program

Any registered participants who arrive intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, display signs of aggression or place the safety of other participants, the facilitators or property at risk, will be denied entry or ejected from the program and Victoria Police will be notified.



You will be required to provide evidence of your identity. To do this you must supply:

  • one Category A evidence document (e.g. Passport, driver’s license or full Australian birth certificate)
  • one Category B evidence document ( e.g. Medicare or bank card)

For further examples of acceptable identity documents please click here.


Providing false and/or misleading information or documents is a serious offence under the Road Safety Act 1986 and can result in you being fined or imprisoned. Any authority or approval, given as a result of you providing such information/documents, may be reversed and have no effect.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the acceptable identity documents to attend the program.



The program cost per participant is $860. (This includes a VicRoads/Government fee of $527 and a Caraniche fee of $333 inc. GST).

Training runs for 5 hours and includes a break for light refreshments half way through the program.


Cancellation and Bookings policy

If insufficient participants are enrolled in a program Caraniche reserves the right to cancel the program. Participants’ registrations will be transferred to another program. Cancellations will not be accepted within 7 days of the program date. Cancellations more than 7 days from the program date may be transferred to another program or may get a refund less an administrative fee.


How to make a booking

Registration for the VicRoads Safe Driving Program is only open to individuals who have been instructed by court order to complete the course. A cancellation fee will apply to anyone who registers for the program that is not required to do so.


To make a booking, head to the Caraniche TryBooking page.