RAP Progress Report

RAP Progress Report

Message from our RAP Champion, CEO Jacinta Pollard

Launched in December 2021, our RAP is Caraniche’s formal commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, our partners, clients, staff, and friends. It documents the actions we will take to play our part in progressing reconciliation and justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our vision for reconciliation is one where we work side by side with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and agencies through collaboration and partnerships to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in their healing.

Throughout 2023, we have worked hard to ensure that our RAP actions are embedded across the organisation in a way that is genuine and authentic. But this is just the beginning. We are continually learning more about what’s required from us as an organisation and as individuals, including our role in Reconciliation.

We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made to date, and we are committed to continuing our journey to do better as an organisation in providing a culturally safe environment and in influencing positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and communities.

2023 RAP Progress Report

Until the end of June 2023, we have completed over 94% of the actions we have committed to do as outlined in our Innovate RAP.  Highlights include:

  • Holding a Lunchtime Learning Session where staff engaged in reflective session for in-depth discussion on advancing our reconciliation effort following the deeply impactful session by Professor Richard Frankland. The outcomes of these discussions along with the results of the Workplace RAP Barometer are shaping our next Innovate RAP.
  • Holding a National Reconciliation Week 2023 Morning Tea, attended by staff and Senior Leadership Team with invited speakers Uncle Ron Briggs, Chair of our RAP Working Group; and Erryn Nundle, Member of our RAP External Advisory Committee. This was a hybrid online and in-person event.
  • Caraniche Abbotsford staff went on a guided walking tour of Melbourne’s iconic Fitzroy with an immersive audio experience using the Yalinguth app. The walk was made up of spoken stories, songs, poems, and atmospheric soundscapes from up to 40 Elders – musicians and storytellers including the much loved and recently passed, Uncle Jack Charles and Uncle Archie Roach.
  • Participation of our Senior Leadership Team and RAP Working Group in external National Reconciliation Week, including the Formal Wear Drive via Haus of Dizzy who were organising donations of formal wears for the VIC NAIDOC Gala Ball.
  •  Participation of our Senior Leadership Team and RAP Working Group in external  NAIDOC Week events.
  • Consulted with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and/or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advisors to review our anti-discrimination policy.
  • Continued support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by engaging new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander vendors.
  • Completed and submitted the annual RAP Impact Measurement Questionnaire to Reconciliation Australia
  • Published annual RAP Progress Report on our website and to our staff.

Items that are not completed in time are reshaped and/or carried forward in our next Innovate RAP 2023-2025.

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