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Behaviour Change Programs

Our team of program designers have been researching, designing and evaluating behaviour change programs for over two decades. We are regularly approached by government, justice, employers and the education system to design relatable programs that address specific behaviour problems.


Our team is now focussed on digital program design to increase the accessibility of our programs.

“I have calmed down and taken time to stop, relax and rethink before acting”.


Successful, evidence-based and trauma-informed programs

KickStart is a suite of programs that fosters real change in offenders with complex drug and alcohol issues. 


Kickstart has been independently evaluated and shown to improve psychological wellbeing, reduce drug use and improve order compliance.


We are proud to have developed Kickstart and to train and support other AOD agencies to deliver it so that high quality treatment can be accessible to more clients.


Addressing the needs of high risk forensic clients with complex issues

The High Risk Offender Alcohol and Drug Service (HiROADS) is a statewide service funded by the Department of Health.

HiROADS is a therapeutic service that addresses the needs of clients with a dual diagnosis of mental health and alcohol and other drugs, as well as other high-risk complexities. Our experienced, multidisciplinary team provide counselling and short-term case-management for these clients.

HiROADS supports the clients that most services find too challenging. 

Some of the complexities that prompt referral to the program include:

  • a history of violent or sexual offences
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • complex presentations
  • significant health concerns 
  • cognitive disability or impairment 
  • inability to engage with group treatment
  • a history of aggression
  • a history of non-compliance

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