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Individually tailored guidance and support that gives men the power to change, for themselves and those around them

When certain behaviours start to disrupt our lives, the knock-on effects for our general health, wellbeing and relationships can be far-reaching. You might find it hard to manage your emotions, use drugs to deal with how you’re feeling, drink or gamble to excess.


Caraniche has recently launched a new behavioural health service called Helm that specialises in helping men to get their life back on track, confidentially and without judgement.


Based on our 25 years’ experience in helping men tackle issues causing distress and disruption, we know what works, and we know how to action effective behavioural health plans designed for individuals and their unique situations. 


Helm offers counselling and other support services that can be accessed quickly, online, in-person or over-the-phone. Our programs are led by a team of qualified counsellors, coaches and psychologists who are available six days a week.  Find out more by visiting the Helm website.


“Sometimes people come to us because life feels out of control, but they don’t know where to get help. We work with them to find the right starting point”.

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