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The Perfect Candidate

Caraniche has challenging work, supported by structure and processes that see our employees thrive.

We’ve built a reputation as leaders and innovators across the justice system, mental health and AOD sectors, and workplaces. 

We’re connected by our genuine commitment to clients, and respect for each other as professionals. 

Our team-based services offer a unique learning experience to work across sectors, develop skills and grow professionally alongside a team of like-minded clinicians. 

The complexity of our work pushes us to go beyond current capabilities and realise our professional potential. 

“Our team leaders provide staff with a flexible and supportive environment. Working from home, mental health days, evidence-based training and flexible working hours. Working as part of a skilled and experienced team provides a unique level of care to clients and staff alike”.

Cienna, Clinician HiRoads

Leaders who care

They give us the autonomy to be our best and walk alongside us when we need guidance and support.

From our Board to our entire leadership team, our leaders are open, transparent and not afraid to be human.


They’re motivated by making a difference, and they genuinely care about their teams and our clients.

Is Caraniche right for me?

Qualifications we seek to attract

Registered Psychologists

Endorsed Psychologists

Provisional Psychologists

Social Workers

Cert IV AOD Clinicians

Support Services

Technical Specialists

Role Fit: Can I meet the outcomes expected?

My way of working is:

  • I work through challenges
  • I am detail oriented
  • I enjoy working in a fast paced environment
  • I enjoy delivering a range of services
  • I am resilient
  • I have the confidence to think on my feet
  • I am not afraid to try new things

Culture Fit: Do my beliefs and values align? 

Regarding my values and beliefs:

  • I am here to support my clients’ journeys
  • I am authentic, warm and engaging
  • I believe all people are capable of change
  • I value the opportunity to work with complex clients and resolving trauma
  • I like working with a broad range of clients

Regarding teamwork:

  • I enjoy working within a team
  • I am collaborative
  • I am happy to lean in when my team needs support

Personal Fit: Do I have the attributes to be successful? 

  • I am self-motivated
  • I have clear boundaries
  • I can communicate effectively with others
  • I am practical when managing uncertainty
  • I have a strong drive to learn
  • I am quick to learn

We make real change in people’s lives and provide employment and learning opportunities to a range of professionals.

Through our work, we can make real change.


We help transform the lives of our clients, many of whom have complex experiences of trauma and disadvantage.


The work can be challenging, but it is highly rewarding.


We rebuild connections: the connection to self, the connection to a trusted professional and the connection to others who see the things we don’t see in ourselves.


Our program design and advisory work means we also innovate and shape better systems for our clients.


Recruitment process

A seamless experience from beginning to end.

The recruitment process at Caraniche has been designed to ensure that our candidates have a seamless experience from beginning to end. The process is fairly short and can be wrapped up within 2 to 4 weeks. Our intent is to keep candidates informed throughout the hiring process, while ensuring we gather as much relevant information as is required to make the best hiring decisions. 


Our people are our brand. Our work makes a real difference. Are you ready to start the next chapter in your career and explore an opportunity with us?


StageWhat to ExpectHow to Make an Impression
ApplyWe advertise on SEEK, Ethical Jobs, PsychXchange, on our website and via our networks. Candidates can apply for one or more roles.• Include a cover letter outlining your interest in the role and how you fit our criteria.
• Include a CV that shows your qualifications and experience.
• Include your contact details.
ReviewCV and cover letter are reviewed against our criteria.• You will hear from us within 10 days.
• You can follow up with us via email if we haven’t been in touch at
ScreenCareers team will call candidates to chat about the application.• The screen takes about 10 mins and covers your experience, qualifications and what you’re looking for.
• Open and honest conversations ensure the best fit.
InterviewInterviews are scheduled with the Hiring Manager so you will get to know them.• You will be interviewed by two people. Be ready to talk about your background, interest in the role and behavioural questions. Share your aspirations and ask questions.
ReferencesThe Careers team will conduct two reference checks. • We need two references from within the last two years, ideally from a manager. Let your referees know we will be calling.
OfferFollowing referee checks an offer is made to the preferred candidate.• Be ready to make a decision when we get to this stage. If you have questions, ask them throughout the process – an offer means we really want you to join our team!
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