Caraniche provides clinical services for up to 12,000 clients in prisons each year.

In our time providing services within the Victorian prison system we have had contact with up to 12,000 prisoners each year. Our services range from individual counselling and drug education to specially designed group treatment programs that bring clients with similar problems together to confront their behaviour and learn the skills to change.   


Our skilled team of over 50 psychologists, social workers and AOD clinicians work collaboratively with each client and their case managers. We create individually tailored treatment plans based on each persons level of risk and treatment needs. Our treatment programs are reviewed by independent experts and evaluated annually. We listen to the feedback of our clients as part of our learning process to ensure innovative and outcomes focussed service delivery that gives every client the opportunity to improve their life journey.

“I’ve done the 44-hour program, and the Sustaining Change program. I’m a different person now. I know what my triggers are, and I’ve got tools to pull me away from that. I can choose to make the right decision”.



We delivered the first accredited prison-based therapeutic community in Australia.

We provide trauma informed, strengths-based treatment services,  tailored to the unique needs of women. We help women address their trauma, drug and alcohol use and offending behaviour. 


The Drug Treatment Unit at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, is Australia’s first accredited prison-based Therapeutic Community. Here, women who have offended live and learn alongside each other in a residential environment. Women share their experiences  of addiction and vulnerability. In group, they learn about themselves and each other, a proven process that helps to improve emotional resilience while reducing criminal thinking and symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma.

Ice programs for Prisoners

Part of the prison treatment model

Between 2012 and 2015 there was a dramatic shift the drug use patterns of offenders in the community and in the prison system. More Victorian prisoners were identifying methamphetamine (ice) as their main problem drug, and more young people with no prior history of offending were coming to prison. Caraniche developed two new programs that specifically focussed on the effects, risks and harms of ice, including increased aggression to address these emerging needs. 

Prison Locations

Caraniche provides evidence-based alcohol and other drug treatment services to clients within Victorian public prisons

  • Barwon Prison
  • Beechworth Correctional Centre
  • Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (Women only)
  • Dhurringile Prison
  • Hopkins Correctional Centre
  • Langi Kal Kal Prison
  • Loddon Prison Precinct (Loddon prison & Middleton prison)
  • Marngoneet Correctional Centre & Karreenga Prison
  • Melbourne Assessment Prison
  • Metropolitan Remand Centre
  • Tarrengower Prison (Women only)

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