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Youth Justice system

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young people and their
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We believe all young people should have the opportunity to reach their potential, and we are proud to be part of their journey. Caraniche provides individual and group work interventions for young people with problematic behaviour. 


Our Youth Justice team works with young people who have offended. We provide treatment programs that address their behaviour alongside their life problems such as trauma, mental health, drug use, and family violence.


Our team-focused clinical practice includes care team meetings and caseconferencing. We collaborate with the young person and their support system, such as family, friends, Youth Justice colleagues and other practitioners to achieve targeted goals.


Our clinicians work from a trauma informed, strengths-based approach. We consider the developmental factors and responsivity issues for young people to best support their journey.

“Caraniche started its journey working in prisons. That’s where we learnt to understand the person behind the behaviour. Everyone has a story that explains how they got to this place. Our role is to work with clients to unpack their story, draw the links and see the patterns so that they can start the process of change”.



Risk, Needs, Responsivity (RNR) framework

Comprehensive assessment and targeted interventions are critical in helping young people get back on track. Our clinicians use a holistic Risk, Needs, Responsivity (RNR) framework to determine interventions before working with the young person and theirsupport systems to help create a pro-social lifestyle and to reduce the risk of reoffending.


Offending programs

Skilled Caraniche clinicians use clinical assessment to plan and provide individual or group interventions with young people. Offending programs include:

  • Adolescent Violence Intervention Program (AVIP)
  • Breaking the Cycle – to help young people reduce violent behaviour
  • Pathway to Change – reducing alcohol or drug-related offending
  • Well Families – building healthy relationships and addressing family and/or intimate partner violence
  • Male Adolescent Program for Positive sexuality (MAPPS) – addressing sexual offending behaviour
  • On Track – focuses on reducing motor vehicle-related offending

We also run a Challenging Antisocial Attitudes Program (CAAP), which has three modules: Avoiding Risky Behaviours, Thinking Ahead and Breaking the Chain.



Psychoeducation programs

Psychoeducational programs are offered to introduce young people to treatment programs and commence their therapeutic journey.


Young people in the Justice system have usually had very disrupted lives and have missed out on many of the usual developmental experiences of childhood. They often lack basic coping skills, self management and resilience. 


Our psychoeducational programs help them develop skills in managing anger and emotions, communication, relationships, confidence and self awareness.


Our Youth programs include:

  • Cool Heads – for emotion regulation
  • Stay Chilled – for managing anger
  • Are you talking to me – to help with communication
  • Stay connected – to improve relationships 
  • Know your limits – addressing sexually inappropriate behaviour
  • Know your stuff – understanding alcohol and other drugs
  • AoD treatment readiness – to get ready for change

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