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Delivering innovative forensic psychological treatment programs

For three decades Caraniche has been designing and delivering innovative, evidence-based, treatment programs for clients in the justice system. We deliver counselling and treatment programs  in courts, community corrections and youth justice. We are  at the forefront of translating research into programs and services that help offenders address their problems and cease offending. We aim to reduce the harm created by involvement in the justice system to men, women and young people by helping them create positive life change.

“I’ve done just about all the programs over the past 12 year’s jail; but this program having an Aboriginal Elder made me feel more comfortable to open up. I felt more at peace to share my story”.

Koori Program

Culturally sensitive programs

Aboriginal people are consistently overrepresented within the prison system. Caraniche recognises that most standard AOD programs are not culturally safe and alienate Aboriginal people from engaging in treatment. Caraniche worked with aboriginal elders, academics and community to develop a culturally sensitive AOD group program that explores both drug use and culture. It is delivered by clinicians working in close partnership with elders.

Managing Methamphetamines

We are the leading practice experts in forensic alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment in Australia.

Our many years of practice in the justice system and the community means we witness the changing patterns of drug use and understand the impact they have on people’s lives. We are continually adapting our programs and treatment in response to these changes to get the best outcomes for clients.

Methamphetamine, commonly known as ‘ice’, is the most significant AOD problem for both men and women in the prison system. The AOD programs we develop are trauma-informed, evidence-based, and effective in responding to substance use.

Pioneering new forensic approaches

Drug Court Pilot

As a leader in forensic AOD treatment in the community, Caraniche partners with the Shepparton and Ballarat Magistrates Courts in their Drug Court pilot. The purpose of Drug Court is to impose and administer a two-year community order called a Drug and Alcohol treatment order (DATO). Caraniche provides the specialised AOD treatment, working alongside a multidisciplinary team to support up to 35 participants per court in completing their DATO.

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